Donate to the IAPMT Foundation

By contributing to the IAPMT Foundation, you are helping us to create beautiful music together with programs which promote the creation, performance, study, and teaching of the musical arts. Students, teachers, and professionals of all ages and skill levels will be rewarded and recognized while pursuing their dreams of excellence in the IAPMT Concours International Series. The crème de la crème will go on to be featured at the IAPMT World Music Teachers Conference.

The IAPMT Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your contribution is fully tax deductible and will help us provide grants and awards to students, musicians with disabilities, teachers who go above and beyond, and outstanding performers, as well as supplying local exam centers with the tools and the talent necessary to engage and inspire future generations. By investing in the IAPMT foundation, you can join us in our mission to advance the quality of musical studies, support the performing arts, and encourage the professionalism of teachers so that we may enrich our society and wake up to a beautiful and more musical tomorrow.

Competition Fund

Your donation to the IAPMT Foundation Competition Fund will help cover the operating costs of our various competitions, including Solos, Concertos, Grand Prix, and the Students with Disabilities Competition.

Competition Grand Prize Fund

Your donation to the IAPMT Foundation Competitions Grand Prize Fund will go directly to the grand prize winners of our various competitions.

Center Establishment Fund

Your donation to the IAPMT Foundation Center Establishment Fund will go towards establishing regional centers which will host various exams and competitions. Centers will be named in recognition of the donors.

Students with Disabilities Fund

Your donation to the IAPMT Foundation Students with Disabilities Fund will go directly to students of the musical arts who suffer from disabilities, and will provide them with scholarships and replacement musical instruments, as well as covering their medical expenses and enrollment fees for various exams and competitions.

Composer’s Club Program Fund

Your donation to the IAPMT Foundation Composer’s Club Program Fund will help cover the operating costs of competitions and recitals which cover specific composers and periods in music history.